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A peek into a Semi-Hardcore Otaku's Life

ユカリ "アコード" カト - Yukari "Accord" Kato
I'm a girl that likes Anime, Mangas, Sushi...Anything Japanese, you name it (not all though). I like taking photos of things that piqued my interest. I'm currently studying in Middle School and living in the GMT+7 timezone. I excel in English, which is my second language, not so good in Indonesian, and currently (trying) to learn Japanese and Italian. If you decided to talk to me in English or Indonesian, it's O.K.for me but in Japanese or Italian... DON'T. Except if you wrote a few of them in Hiragana,which is Japanese. That's fine. But NOT fine if you posted in Italian. That's all, I think... :3

[Last Updated on 31/01-2011 @ 17:58, GMT+7]